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La Jolla’s Ambrogio by Acquerello Added to Michelin Guide

Eater San Diego 7/10 5:09A Candice Woo
A dish from Ambrogio by Acquerello | Bhadri Kubendran The tasting menu restaurant is honored as a new discovery in advance of the full California guide reveal in August A fine dining restaurant in La...

Where to Eat and Drink at This Year’s Comic-Con

Eater San Diego 7/9 6:11A Candice Woo
The convention center. | Shutterstock The pop culture phenomenon returns to downtown San Diego Comic-Con International is returning to the San Diego Convention Center, running Thursday, July 25...

Where to Celebrate Pride in San Diego

Eater San Diego 7/8 8:57A Candice Woo
A Pride flight of cider. | Bivouac Ciderworks Find food and drink specials, drag shows, parties, and more Though June is generally recognized as Pride Month, San Diego keeps the celebration going all...

A Colossal Snack Chain From China Is Descending on Convoy

Eater San Diego 7/8 6:13A Candice Woo
An assortment of braised snacks. | Juewei Juewei specializes in braised duck parts and other savory snacks A treasured tipster alerted us to signage indicating that a branch of a giant Asian snack...

100 Years Later, the Caesar Salad Returns to Its Roots

Eater San Diego 7/4 5:00A Bill Esparza
Behold, the Caesar’s salad. | Caesar’s Restaurant A century after its invention in a Tijuana restaurant, the salad that proliferated around the world gets back to what made it legend in the first...

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Eater

Eater San Diego 7/2 6:01A Candice Woo
Have some juicy restaurant gossip? Don't forget to send it our way. It's time again to give a quick thank you to all the tireless tipsters out there. You are our lifeblood. You keep us afloat with all...

16 Carlsbad Restaurants to Check Out Right Now

Eater San Diego 7/1 7:03A Candice Woo
Chocolate dessert at Jeune et Jolie. | Elodie Bost Whether traditional or trendy, here are some of the best eats in the North County coastal village. This North County coastal village stretching 39...

An Eater’s Guide to San Diego

Eater San Diego 6/27 4:54A Candice Woo
Shutterstock Unofficial, highly opinionated information about America’s Finest City The weather in perpetually sunny San Diego sometimes overshadows the food, but the spotlight on the local restaurant...

The 22 Essential Restaurants in Ensenada, Mexico

Eater San Diego 6/26 6:09A Bill Esparza
A whole fish being assembled into tacos. | La Morocha Resta Bar Where to find fried fish tacos, crisp Mexican wines, and all the ceviches, aguachiles, cocktails, and just-caught shellfish you can eat...

Silky Japanese Soft Serve Ice Cream Is Coming to San Diego

Eater San Diego 6/25 6:00A Candice Woo
A swirl of soft-serve ice cream. | Indigo Cow Indigo Cow uses dairy products from Hokkaido to make its frosty treats The first ice cream shop in America to use milk and cream from Hokkaido, Japan — a...
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