How To Wear Taupe Boots

V-Style 11/30 9:04P vstyle
Taupe boots are the worst in the sense that few people know how to wear them. Also, stores use the word taupe quite aimlessly. Taupe seems to be used for [ ]

Most Versatile Purse Color

V-Style 11/20 6:14A vstyle
Most of my clients have no interest in multiple options for their perfect everyday purse so they want to know what color purse goes with everything. I totally get it. The [ ]

How To Wear A Blazer With A Maxi Dress

V-Style 11/15 11:20A vstyle
Selecting the correct outerwear for an outfit can be the hardest part of styling oneself. Within this already difficult task, selecting outerwear for a maxi dress is the ultimate challenge. [ ]

All The Fashion Tools You Will Ever Need

V-Style 11/11 11:11A vstyle
I constantly refer my clients to products (or, as I like to say, fashion tools) that will lengthen the life of their wardrobe, or fix a fashion problem. Here is [ ]

Best Work Pants – Most Comfortable Pants for Women

V-Style 11/3 1:33P vstyle
It is impossible for a mass-made pant to flatter each woman s particular combination of stomach, bum, hips, and legs — unless of course, the pant in question is stretchy. Stretchy [ ]

My Party Look – Most Flattering Holiday Dresses

V-Style 11/2 2:39A vstyle
Tis the season to party! Right now I am madly shopping for flattering holiday dresses. My clients have photo shoots for their holiday cards and family christmas cards, and everyone [ ]

Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Under $50

V-Style 11/1 2:10A vstyle
We always do a massive holiday gift guide, but now we have a new annual tradition of launching two gift guides each holiday season. Our main holiday gift guide will [ ]

Most Flattering T-Shirts For Broad Shoulders On Women

V-Style 10/24 1:00A vstyle
Many of my clients are broad-shouldered women, which typically means their shoulders are wider than their hips. This body type is called an inverted triangle. It s one of the most [ ]

Statement Earrings You Can Wear To Work

V-Style 10/17 2:15P A
Statement earrings are my go-to accessory. There is no better spotlight for your face, and they don t require other jewelry to complete your look. My minimalist clients who want to [ ]

How To Tuck A Sweater Into A Skirt

V-Style 10/14 1:30A vstyle
Why Tuck A Sweater Into A Skirt? One of my favorite winter looks is a sweater tucked into a skirt, especially a leather skirt. It is one of the most [ ]

Best Leopard + Cheetah Flats For Fall

V-Style 9/29 9:34P vstyle
Cheetah flats are not exactly au courant, but they are a classic shoe that can always make an appearance in the fall. A cheetah or leopard print flat is especially [ ]

Best Blouses For Work

V-Style 9/12 8:41A vstyle
Blouses for work have been an extremely popular request from my clients over the past couple of years. It began during the pandemic. When office work went to Zoom, all [ ]
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