Best Gold Chain Link Necklaces + How To Style Them

V-Style 8/14 6:24P vstyle
I am enamored with gold chain link necklaces, and the selection is plentiful right now — a little too plentiful. So many chain link necklaces look cheap, clunky, or lay [ ]

How To Wear White Jeans + Best White Jeans

V-Style 8/6 2:25A vstyle
Before we discuss how to wear white jeans, let s break down a few of the white jean rumors. Yes, pure white, aka optic jeans, are best worn in summer, but [ ]

Best Silver Metallic Heels + Sandals

V-Style 7/24 3:08P vstyle
As you probably know by now, I ve been obsessed with metallic style lately. Though I ve been dabbling with brighter metallic colors, silver metallic heels and sandals are essential for [ ]

You Need A Lightweight Jacket

V-Style 7/17 9:07A vstyle
As a personal stylist, my clients are constantly asking for versatile and stylish light weight jackets. In fact, many of my clients run cold and want outerwear for every single [ ]

Colorful Metallic Style

V-Style 7/17 4:41A vstyle
I am obsessed with metallic style: metallic jackets, metallic earrings, metallic sandals, metallic boots — you name it! My personal hunt for metallic boots started after watching Emily in Paris. [ ]

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2023 – My Top Picks

V-Style 7/10 4:00P vstyle
With expansive price hikes, the 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is especially welcome right now. The once-a-year Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is my clients favorite sale. They don t call it an event [...

Navy Blue Sandals + Wedges

V-Style 6/27 1:00P vstyle
Navy blue sandal wedges — and flat navy blue sandals for that matter— don t have to be the conservative navy footwear from days of yore. Navy blue sandals and wedges [ ]
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